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    Childe - 'Better Friends' Edit and Effects Processing

    Editing and analogue video synth processing for Childe's 'Better Friends'.

    Commissioned by PIAS.

    3 months ago

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    Single Campaign & Music Video- Feeling Myself

    Single Release for LA-based Latin pop alt artist Monogem. ( Mood Board included )

    Link to Promotional asset

    - Creative direction

    - Motion design

    - Video editing

    - Graphic design

    3 months ago
  • Loyle Carner x Rolling Stone

    A video edit for Rolling Stone UK with UK rapper Loyle Carner, This was an output for their official Youtube channel as well as shorter social media cutdowns. It was also a paid partnership with Clarks, who styled the shoot with their latest lineup of footwear. This was a cover interview for issue 11 of the magazine

    4 months ago
  • The Happy Fits

    We edited this long form video for the Happy Fits ahead of their UK tour. 

    Commissioned by AWAL.

    5 months ago
  • El Perro - Call Me When You're Home & Let Me Think That Again (Full Film)

    Fans of the surreal and stylistic will appreciate this intriguing pair of promos for El Perro. Taken together, 'Call Me When You're Home' and 'Let Me Think That Again' form a cryptic tale of love, murder, and obligation - set against a desolate desert backdrop. 

    The film opens with a pair of characters fleeing a wedding, the woman passing the ring to her accomplice and celebrating her freedom in the back of the car. It appears they're dumping a body once they arrive in the wilderness, but a fiery fate for the mysterious bag instead reveals it's full of other wedding rings. 

    There are hints of magical realism and surreal imagery throughout the piece, with the second promo seeing the man read his fortune from a cookie before summoning a sword from thin air and asking his partner to kill him. She bleeds molten metal as she refuses to go through with the act, keeping them both suspended in their arcane limbo. 

    Esoteric and thought-provoking, it's as aesthetically pleasing to watch as it is narratively challenging. Patient viewers will enjoy sitting back to let the desert wash over them, picking up hints about the duo's supernatural activities along the way.

    Read Full Review:

    5 months ago

  • Mauritius - (Video Edit)

    The music video edit that was done using only handheld footage from a SONY A6500 camera, from a holiday in Mauritius. There was also stock footage drone shots which tells a beautiful love story of a couple in a captivating and romantic way.

    The video opens with beautiful landscapes, crystal clear waters, and picturesque beaches. The handheld footage shows the couple enjoying each other's company, laughing, and embracing in different locations, such as the beach, a resort, and the sea.

    The pace of the music dictates the speed of the video, with the footage showing the couple engaging in adventurous activities, such as snorkeling, crossing bridges, and exploring the island's lush rainforests.

    The handheld footage captures the couple's spontaneous moments and their intimate moments, creating a romantic and emotional tone. The use of drone shots enhances the video's cinematic quality, giving viewers an aerial view of the beautiful Mauritius landscape and the couple's explorations.

    The shots are seamlessly integrated into the handheld footage, creating a smooth visual transition between the two. The video shows the couple watching a beautiful sunset on the beach, holding each other's hands, and smiling contentedly, symbolising their love for each other and their connection to the island.

    Overall, the music video edit showcases the natural beauty of Mauritius, captures the genuine moments of a couple in love, and tells a compelling story in a visually stunning and emotionally engaging way.

    5 months ago
  • Instant Coffee

    Client: Asylums / Cool Thing Records

    Date: August 2022

    Role: Editor

    'Instant Coffee' is the fourth single from Asylums' fourth album, 'Signs Of Life'. I was brought onboard to edit the video (shot by Andrew Delaney) and introduce a more conceptual level to the classic performance video. With the band, we decided on the concept of TV screens to support the 60s TV show-inspired visuals. I furthered this with a film look to match the warmth of the song and leant into the psychedelia often associated with the decade.

    5 months ago
  • New Rules - Night Like This (A Video Diary)

    Continuing my long running relationship with New Rules, I edited this fun tour diary to go with their track 'Night Like This'.

    Commissioned by Modest! Management.

    6 months ago
  • Shouthouse - Shiny Objects

    A music video edited from webcam footage shot during quarantine. 

    5 months ago
  • New Rules - We Went on Tour (Again!) and It Looked Like This...

    One of many videos I've worked on with Modest Management's artist New Rules, I edited this UK and Ireland tour video.

    Commissioned by Modest! Management.

    6 months ago