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When we say we’re the home of animated lyric videos here at Creative Commission, we aren’t kidding. Our platform, bringing together major music industry players like record labels and managers with professional freelancers from around the globe, has been central to the explosion in popularity of lyric videos in the YouTube age.

And we can continue to do the same for you – whether you are a creator wishing to be hired, or someone looking to hire a creator, drawing upon our powerful network and platform.

What’s contained within the ideal lyric video brief?

The most successful and memorable lyric videos might seem very simple. Just think of such classics as Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You”, Elton John’s “I Can’t Go On Living Without You”, Little Simz’ “Rollin Stone” and Prince’s “Sign o’ the Times” – the latter effectively one of the pioneers of lyric videos way back in the 1980s.

But such apparent simplicity belies the fact that there will be a lot to think about when you come to have an animated lyric video created.

That “a lot” will need to encompass visual references to give the animator an idea of the visual style you are aiming for, as well as the scope, budget, deadline, and creative licence – bearing in mind that not all creators have the same preferences. Some, for instance, favour a relatively loose brief to give them freedom to explore, whereas others may prefer being given more detail before they start.

Fortunately, putting together a good lyric video brief doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or intimidating process; we quizzed some animators on how you can best spec your requirements.

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Our Lyric Video Briefs

Our Top Users For Lyric Videos

Here are the current top users on the Creative Commission platform who are creating animated lyric videos; why not get in touch with them to discuss how they could help you realise your project?

Profile picture for user Oriane Rondeau

Oriane Rondeau

Toulon, France

Animation director specialised in collage and mixed media work.

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Profile picture for user Skateaway Pictures

Skateaway Pictures

London, UK

A creative agency and studio based in London, producing projects for clients worldwide.

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Profile picture for user Toon53Productions

Toon53 Productions

Randburg, South Africa

Owner Michael Robertson has built up a notable portfolio in the music and lyric video industry.

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Profile picture for user Neil Whitman

Neil Whitman

East Sussex, UK

Award-winning animator specialising in music promos, lyric videos and social content.

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Sophie Graves

Queensland, Australia

Music and lyric videos, explainers, social media content, billboards, logos, and so much more.

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Profile picture for user YesPlease

Yes Please! Productions

London, UK

A full service creative studio for the music industry based in Hackney.

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Creating the perfect lyric video in 4 steps

Any motion graphics expert will tell you that creating a captivating lyric video that gets the results you want, will not come down to just rustling up any old thing in a few hours. Instead, there’s a very deliberate process that goes into it – after all, your lyric video could be launching the next superstar.


Undertaking initial research

Although the exact way in which a commissioned artist may start their work on a lyric video can vary from one project to the next, there’s one constant: the need to start with research.

Typically, the creator will listen carefully to the music and will consider other visual references – such as those provided in the brief, and maybe the artist’s own fashion sense – to give themselves an authentic flavour of the artist and track.


Coming up with a concept

Before the creation of the first frame of the lyric video, the commissioned animator will usually have a creative, collaborative discussion with the client, who will be shown the early vision for the video.

This is the stage at which agreement is usually reached on what the lyric video will broadly look and feel like.



A storyboard is a chronological series of images or illustrations that will be used to pre-visualise the animated lyric video. In some cases where there is a lack of time, the animator might jump straight to the storyboarding stage, submitting some sample frames, to which the client might request some changes.


Using software to create the lyric video

Typically, animators do not use just one software package to create a lyric video, given the variety of software that is likely to be needed to achieve the desired overall look.

The textual lyrics within a video are usually animated using Adobe After Effects, for example, before other software – such as Adobe Photoshop or Toon Boom Animation – may be used for animating other elements of the video.

These steps will typically be followed by client feedback and any reworking that may be asked for, before rendering and final delivery of the project.

Lyric video FAQs

Why should I hire a professional to create a lyric video through Creative Commission?

If you’re seeking a complete platform and network through which to hire the best-suited person to create your music video, there’s no need to look further than Creative Commission. We give managers, record labels and other professionals in the music industry a convenient means of accessing thousands of skilled freelancers from around the world.

What does Creative Commission offer me as a creative?

You may be looking to create animated lyric videos for clients or any of a wide range of other projects. Regardless, Creative Commission enables you to put yourself ‘front and centre’ of the music industry as a professional freelancer, including the ability to apply for jobs, edit a profile, and be followed by those who may wish to work with you.

What animation briefs have you posted in the past?

We’ve been helping to bring together labels and managers with professional animators since 2013. In the process, we have helped to commission animations for such big names as Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Stormzy, Little Simz, Yusuf / Cat Stevens, and Frank Sinatra.

How much are your commission payments?

We make it quick and easy for you to partner with the most professional and capable motion graphics experts for the creation of your next lyric video, with direct 0% commission payments between you and the creative you hire.

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