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  • The last dregs

    Rotoscoped watercolor visualiser 

    Commissioned by Independant.

    4 weeks ago

  • Alex Adair - Loved Ones

    Visualiser and release assets for Alex Adair's latest release 'Loved Ones' on Virgin Music UK.

    Commissioned by Virgin Music Label & Artist Services.

    2 days ago
  • Visualiser for ILO

    ILO is an Icelandic musician currently based in Scotland, who has been actively producing and releasing music for more than two decades. Throughout his career, he has put out tracks on esteemed labels such as Thule, Rebirth, Darek, and Borg. ILO's unique style is characterized by contemporary lol-fi house, which blends slow, melodic beats with a dub undertone and new wave elements.

    This latest work, "How Does It Feel," showcases ILO's experimentation with a new wave disco sound. To complement this musical direction, we created a bespoke visualiser featuring an ever-evolving display of ink interacting with oil, layered and mirrored on top of each other. The ink and oil movements seem to push and vie for space, resulting in a dance of opposing viscosities. The visual effect of the evolving and layering ink and oil symbolism represents ILO's musical storytelling.

    1 day ago
  • Chad Lawson - Stay (Visualizer)

    Abstract visualizer for Chad Lawson's single "Stay".

    Commissioned by Verve Records.

    4 weeks ago
  • Chad Lawson - She Dreams of Time (Visualizer)

    Abstract visualizer for Chad Lawson's single "She Dreams of Time".

    Commissioned by Verve Records.

    4 weeks ago
  • Max Richter, Ben Russell, Yuki Numata Resnick - Dream 3 (Remix) - Visualiser

    Visualiser for Max Richter, Ben Russell and Yuki Numata Resnick's "Dream 3 (Remix)".

    Commissioned by Verve Label Group.

    4 weeks ago
  • Form - Vulnerable


    Prod. Company - Say Goodnight Films @saygoodnightfilms Directed & Shot - Polocho Producer - Milo Max Burgess Lighting Director - George Mills Art Director - Francesca Landi Set Designer - Theunis Müller Set Designer - Retean Livia Alexandra HMUA - Ili Mavroidakou Producer assistant - Hope Worley Camera assistant - Daniel Pattman Edited - Polocho & Hev X

    1 month ago
  • Image


    Phantoms - This Can't Be Everything Deluxe

    A  Visualiser created for Foreign Family Collective and Phantoms for the Deluxe Edition of 'This Can't Be Everything'. 

    Looping animations were created using elements from the original Phantoms artwork by illustrator Dylan Anderson using C4D & AfterEffects.…

    Commissioned by Foreign Family Collective.

    1 month ago
  • Hannah Rose Platt - Dead Man on the G Train

    Illustration based music video inspired by pulpy short form comics of that era.

    Commissioned by Xtra Mile Recordings.

    1 month ago
  • Elliott Jack Sampson - Sing to Me

    Hand drawn animation, based on setting and tone.

    Commissioned by Decca Records.

    1 month ago