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When one utters the term ‘music video’, most of us have an instinctive sense of what is meant by this. Since at least the dawn of the MTV age in the 1980s, and into the YouTube era of the 2000s and 2010s, music videos have exerted profound promotional power for artists.

And if you are looking to have a compelling and relevant new music video rustled up in the 2020s, Creative Commission can be the platform that helps make it all possible.

We are all about bringing together the best freelance creators with major music-industry players such as managers and record labels. CC is the complete hiring hub, making it even easier to turn a dreamed-about music-video project into reality – and captivate audiences in the process.

What does the most effective music video brief look like?

Most of us have our own favourite music videos – many of them, from stars ranging from David Bowie and Madonna to Beyonce and Dua Lipa, being utterly iconic. But the creation of a music video that captures the imaginations of all who set their eyes upon it, will be far from just the work of a moment.

So, when you are assembling a music video brief, you will need to account for a wide range of elements. The brief will need to communicate something of the artist’s creative sensibility and desired visual aesthetic, so that the video can be well-matched to this.

It will also help to be specific about the audiences you wish to reach, and the format that you desire for your video – a lyric video, for instance, potentially being very different to a more visually resplendent and ambitious on-site production. Speaking of which, you may even have a given physical location already in mind for your music video.

Then, of course, there are those other must-not-miss ‘basics’ – including the budget, deadline and how you intend to promote and distribute the final video. Being detailed about these elements can all further contribute to a successful working relationship with your chosen creator.

Our Music Video Briefs

Our Top Music Video Directors

Which directors on the Creative Commission platform specialise in the creation of music videos? Below are our leading represented filmmakers and producers; feel free to reach out to them today to ask for assistance with your project.

Profile picture for user Oriane Rondeau


London, UK

Mulberry creates commercials, music videos, animations & branded content.

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Profile picture for user Skateaway Pictures

Say Goodnight Films

London, UK

An independent production company focusing on creative visual work and cinematic storytelling.

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Profile picture for user Toon53Productions


California, US

Los Angeles-based video production company and artist management.

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Profile picture for user Neil Whitman


Manchester, UK

UK based, award winning director + designer based in the north of England.

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Bailey Tom Bailey

London, UK

UK based writer, director and editor with a darkly comical and surreal aesthetic.

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Gucci Daniels

London, UK

Past clients include popstar Jax Jones, DJ & producer James Hype, singer Anne Marie and more.

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Four steps to the creation of your dream music video

Whether you are looking to have a music video created for an established artist or a comparative newcomer, many of the fundamentals of the process remain the same. Those are likely to encompass such stages as the below.


Deciding on the type of music video

This will have much to do with the music track for which you are seeking to have a video created, and the visual story you wish to tell with your video.

While some music-video projects may suit the creation of a performance video in which the artist sings or plays the track live to a camera, for others, a more abstract or narrative approach may be preferred.


Building up the concept

In the filmmaker or producer’s direct discussions with the artist or band, they will typically ask for ideas of exactly what the client wishes the video to consist of. What themes or visual elements does the artist intend to be addressed or included?

As part of this, the artist may be able to put forward existing videos they are inspired by, to provide a sturdier guideline for the ‘vibe’ of their own video.


Putting together a storyboard

Now, it’s time for the video to take more concrete shape. The storyboard will comprise shot-by-shot sketches, covering the entirety of the music video.

The creator and artist will need to work together carefully on this, considering such aspects as camera angles and the types of shots they desire, potentially encompassing the likes of close-ups and full-length shots of the characters that are to star in the video.


Filming the video

Once the filmmaker or producer has undertaken the other necessary preparations – including securing a filming location, bringing together a film crew, and even sourcing the crucial equipment – it will be time to start shooting.

This will be followed by a post-production stage, in which the video footage is transferred to a computer and editing software is used to get the video and audio combination nicely synced.

Music video FAQs

What makes Creative Commission the place for me to find a filmmaker or producer for my music video?

We are the complete platform for record labels, managers and other key music-industry players who are seeking out the most capable creatives, including in relation to music videos. We can give you quick and easy access to thousands of professional freelancers from across the globe.

As a creative, why should I be on Creative Commission?

When it comes to ‘shop windows’ for putting yourself in front of some of the most influential figures in the music industry, they don’t come much more powerful than Creative Commission. Whatever your specialities, capabilities, and experience, our platform allows you to put together a profile, apply for jobs, and generally boost your opportunities and connections.

What is Creative Commission’s background in music videos?

Since 2013, Creative Commission has been helping to unite artists, record labels and managers with the most skilled freelance creators of music videos. With our help, memorable and impactful videos have been created down the years for such big names as The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Stormzy and Frank Sinatra.

What are your commission payments?

We charge zero commission on payments between you and the creative you recruit for your music video project – all the more reason to make Creative Commission the first stop in your search for freelance talent in this space.

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