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  • Bôa - Worry (Official Lyric Video)

    Lyric Video Commissioned by Nettwerk Music Group

    Commissioned by Nettwerk Music Group.

    5 days ago
  • Image

    " From Friend To Stranger " Campaign & Lyric Video

    From Friends To Strangers

    Single Promotional Campaign

    Teaser 1

    Teaser 2

    Teaser 3

    Out Now

    1 week ago
  • JacksorJacksor - Scuttle_sam | Lyric Video

    This Music Video was made for Cardiff-based musician JacksorJacksor. Originally briefed as a Lyric Video, I wanted to push it to make it more interesting than just Lyrics on screen.

    The foundation of the visual consists of filmed footage of the artist singing and playing guitar before I threw him into this Chaotic VHS static-filled existence.

    Commissioned by Independant.

    2 weeks ago
  • Good Book Bad

    I created this lyric video for American Idol finalist Will Moseley

    Commissioned by BMG.

    2 weeks ago
  • JacksorJacksor - Peacock Vow_sam | Lyric Video

    This video was procedurally generated using variations of Fractal Noise at varying intensities. Apart from some minor intentional animations at the start, I took the procedural animation and edited it to coincide with the percussion and piano.

    The result is a minimalist synchronised visual that grows more chaotic over the course of the video, albeit with a sense of order as it follows the music and reaches its peak with the surprising piano coda.

    Commissioned by Independant.

    2 weeks ago
  • Vero Nouk - Peur (Official Lyric Video)

    Lyric video for Vero Nouk's single "Peur".

    Designed and animated by Lovely Little Animations. Blended 2D digital and frame by frame animation.

    1 month ago
  • Laura Jane Grace - Dysphoria Hoodie

    Laura Jane Grace - Dysphoria Hoodie

    Commissioned by Polyvinyl Record Co.

    1 month ago
  • Niamh Regan - Belly

    Niamh Regan - Belly

    Commissioned by Faction Records.

    1 month ago

  • Image

    Twenty One Pilots - Clancy

    A bunch of fan media I created for Twenty One Pilots brand-new album Clancy

    4 weeks ago
  • Music Lyric Video Design made for CAMELPHAT feat. Max Milner for their song 'HOPE'

    Completed by the end of 2023, I took charge of the motion design, which was depicted and designed in relation to the lyrics meanings and the sound pace. 

    We wanted to create a super trippy, dynamic and expressive lyric music video, that will have a dreamy and surreal experience, and have a direct relation to the single album cover. Their request for a trippy and intense experience guided my creative direction.

    I began by animated the cover image they provided, ensuring it morphed and transformed in sync with the music’s tempo. The lyrics became a canvas for expression. I visualized each line, using dynamic typography, and abstract shapes.

    All the video was made in Adobe After Effects. Added distortion special effects to the video, to make it more dynamic and surreal. 

    1 month ago