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  • Lyric Video for Jalmar

    Looping visualiser, animation, illustration with custom font. 

    Produced by Younique Mixed by George Nicholas
    Listen →

    Visualiser Credits:
    Animator - Samantha Hughes
    Director - Zain Ayub
    Producer/s - The Preative

    Commissioned by Sony Music .

    3 weeks ago

    Taken from the "Dentures Out" Album

    Commissioned by Cooking Vinyl.

    3 weeks ago
  • She Had Me At Heads Carolina

    Cole Swindell - She Had Me At Heads Carolina (Lyric Video)

    directed & produced by Dan Dowding

    2 weeks ago

  • Image

    Royal & the Serpent - "Underneath the Mask" (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

    Royal & the Serpent - "Underneath the Mask" (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

    directed & produced by Dan Dowding

    2 weeks ago
  • Jack Wins 'Forever Young' Lyric Video

    Lyric video creation for Axtone Records.

    Commissioned by Axtone Records.

    1 week ago
  • Lyric Video for Andrew Lambrou's Lemonade

    Lyric video produced for Andrew Lambrou's single Lemonade.

    Creative direction, animation, illustration by @samrae_creative

    Commissioned by Chugg Music.


    Commissioned by C A Management.

    3 weeks ago

  • Image

    Darci - Dust on Roads (Lyric Video)

    Lyric video for Darci's latest single 'Dust on Roads'.
    Creative & art direction, illustration, and animation.

    4 weeks ago
  • Intro video for Artist, Indio Pancho

    Introduction video for the podcast as well to introduce Reggaeton artist, Indio Pancho. 

    1 month ago

  • Image

    Lyric video design - Hoover Records Japan

    Artwork : Redemption Of Scenario
    Client : Hoover Records Japan

    Abort. is a Japanese visual metal band from Nagoya. Vocalist Atsushi

    and guitarist Jin- started the band in 2017. They released their first

    EP in the same year, and since the hiatus of a few years, they

    published their first music video in 2022. One of the songs from the

    EP is called "贖罪のシナリオ". Using various kinds of typefaces and kinetic motion to depict the protagonist's story of how to fight back against the enemies when people in his solitary life bullied him.

    1 month ago
  • George Ezra - Hold My Girl (Lyric Video)

    I directed and edited a series of lyric videos for George Ezras album release, this was the first of the three released and has amassed a massive 16 million views since.

    I produced the treatment for the series and dug for the right location, casting and styling for the 80's karaoke in the working mans pub aesthetic alongside our producer. 

    It was great to work with George as he has a massive amount of professionalism which makes the whole workflow so much easier, he also was very accomadating to me being a young director at the time and helped push the direction of the films. 

    Commissioned by Sony Music .

    1 month ago