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  • Manchack - CC

    Manchack - CC

    1 week ago
  • Sukh - Make It Stop Music Video

    Make It Stop

    We took the title of the song literally here to create a narrative music video that really is non-stop! This political music video echoes modern fears of societal decay, whilst our central character is forced to run on a treadmill for shadowy unseen figures again and again! 


    DIRECTOR - Alex Taylor

    PRODUCER - Shona Brown


    POST PRODUCTION - Matthew Sturdy

    MUA - Kate Turner

    CAMERA ASSISTANT - Heidi Gilbert

    CAST - Robbie Boyle

    1 week ago
  • Lifeline by D Double E x Ten Billion ft Hamzaa

    I directed this Music promo for D Double E x Ten Billion ft Hamzaa. I loved bringing striking performance shots, movement, and lighting together in this space. 

    Commissioned by Bluku Music.

    1 week ago
  • De Cora

    Rauw Alejandro x J Balvin "De Cora"…

    Commissioned by Sony Music .

    1 week ago
  • Director for Delamere - So Long

    Directed, filmed and edited this music video for the Indie band Delamere

    5 days ago

  • Ewan McVicar - Groove Thang

    This is the new music video I directed for Ewan McVicar's "Groove Thang!"

    This trippy music video documents Ewan's rise to fame from youth to adulthood, and makes use of wild colours and psychedelic visuals.

    I worked closely with Ewan and his tem to ensure the video had a lively colour palette and style, paying tribute to Ewan's club music background, as well as his roots in Ayr scotland.

    Commissioned by Ministry of Sound.


    Commissioned by Sony Music .

    3 weeks ago

  • Star2 - Clout Chaser

    My third collaboration with Star2 is making waves in the hip-hop world. The video shows two girls in a fierce race to get to Star2 and his riches. They hurdle over a series of blocks and use supernatural powers to battle each other to reach him in a room guarded by a golden dragon and Buddha where he sits on a throne in front of hundreds of gold bars. 

    3 weeks ago
  • Corella - Drifting

    An elderly gentleman escapes his banal life in the care home to kick a football around with an old friend. As they stomp around town wreaking more and more havoc, the pair rediscover the children they once were, but is all what it seems?

    Starring Robert Goodman & Michael Griffiths
    Featuring Luke & James Millen, Jullie Love, Sidhiro & Allen

    Director - Jay Brasier-Creagh
    Director of Photography - Alister Little
    1st AC - Sean Lomax
    Producer - Phil Tidy @ Squire Studio
    Production Assistant - Christina Gulick
    Choreographer - Lucy Suggate
    Sound Recordist - Matthew Williams
    Cargobike Rider - Alex Harwood
    Chaperone - Susan Millen

    Edit - Jay Brasier-Creagh
    Colour - Benjamin Rozario @ Smoke & Mirrors
    Kit Rental - No Drama

    Special Thanks:
    Sean Creagh
    Krishna Francis
    Charlie Morrissey
    Hannah Openshaw
    Jack Kirkwood
    Bumble Baker
    Wainsgate Dance Centre
    Mytholm Court

    Commissioned by Velvet Hammer.

    2 weeks ago
  • Tommy Ashby - Running

    Music video - Directed, DOP and Edit

    2 weeks ago
  • Jefferson Berry & the UAC - Locks and Guns

    Directed by Ciro Ayala

    Produced by Provoke Films for Jefferson Berry and The UAC

    5 days ago