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Stop! Collaborate and listen

October 2021

Queen and Bowie; Elton and George; Sonny and Cher: artist collabs have been a music industry staple for decades. There's nothing more exciting than two artists creating something unique together by mixing sounds.

The streaming revolution has only amplified this with artist features, remixes and collaborations now commonplace on Spotify.

And now Instagram is on-board with one of its most lethal new product launches in years: collab - a brand new feature which allows users to better collaborate on feed posts and Reels.

So your content can now be posted across two different accounts.

Simply invite another account to co-author on your Feed post or Reel and you could expand your reach enormously as it will be shared to both sets of followers simultaneously.


This is the dream way to cross-promote your artists across different fanbases when collaborating on songs, touring, awards, festivals, and more.

Before we get in to the methodology, here are some key points to remember.

  • Collaborators are shown as post co-authors
  • Only people with a public profile can use the feature
  • Posts will be sent to both sets of followers at once
  • It's a much more potent way to tag others
  • Super quick and crystal clear for sponsored ads
  • Can be used on Reels and feed posts

How to use the Collab feature

  • Create a photo/video feed post or a new Reel
  • Click on the Tag People option and invite another collaborator
  • Search your collab creator and wait for them to accept
  • The other creator's name will be displayed alongside yours at the top of the post