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Magdalena Jensen - is a certified transformational coach, NVC conflict mediator, Women’s Circle facilitator and ceremony/sacred space holder. She previously launched two commercial companies and co-founded a pan-European NGO in the music industry. Besides working as a Creative Director in the label she co-owns (Balance It Out), Magdalena now coaches unique, ambitious individuals - leaders who believe that change starts with themselves - towards their dreams and desires, opening up new possibilities and perspectives.

Our recent chat with Magdalena Jensen discusses her favourite campaigns and talks about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.


I am loving the musical output of Lil' Simz and Fred Again.. right now and the visual art of Paula Duró, an Argentinian painter who recently exhibited here in Mexico City... I love her colorful, spiritual-themed pieces.


Uff, nearly IMPOSSIBLE to choose but I specifically remember the first time I saw this video (when I was managing indie bands nearly 15 years ago) and this video opened up my mind to what is possible from an artistic perspective with a little imagination and (seemingly) not a giant budget. I love how artistic, psychedelic and imaginative it is, while also telling a compelling and emotional story - you somehow identify with these weirdo creatures... I could have chosen a MILLION other 90s videos with huge budgets that also greatly inspire my work as a creative director or some outrageous k-pop vids (like Jeon Somi "Birthday" or BTS' "Fake Love" whose campaign I also worked on at The Orchard) but somehow this one stands out because of the memory I have watching it the first time, projected onto the wall of my friend's flat in Warsaw while we all were chilling with some late Sunday night cozy vibes...


David Bowie's The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust - both front and back - for the colors, the utter LONDON-ness of it and the font choices (I have referenced the font many times as a creative director!).



I have really enjoyed stepping OUT of most of my music industry roles and developing my coaching business but keeping my feet solidly planted in my record label, Balance It Out as Creative Director, because we have a super solid and supportive team, that is very understanding of the fact that we all have different interests and priorities but we are united in our love of developing artists... so I am most proud of the fact that we persevere and continue to offer Scandinavian artists a really great platform to launch and grow their careers.


Maybe not strictly a collab but for sure crossover into another industry - I LOVE J Balvin's work in the wellness space (especially as it's bilingual) with the app Oye as I believe the music industry is so hustle-and-grind and exploitative on many fronts so it's really important to care for all of our mental health and remember our inherent birthright to take care of ourselves and return to wellness.



I love the set, the costumes, the story (like a mini movie!) and the emotions it evokes... plus it's shot in Mexico City, where I now live.


Wu Tang Clan - talk about ICONIC and it's also a hand signal and and and... I mean, need I say more?!



I love following @sza's stories, especially because I think she keeps it super real, shows her values and consciousness, plus she's a baddie.


Noooo idea how to answer this but I can say that any live concert photography from Beyonce's Homecoming tour pops into my mind instantly... she's so damn powerful and towering and fierce and I love how she gets portrayed and I always have admired how highly curated she is and super duper in charge of her image... so, now answering the question exactly, but, as a creative director, I think about this kind of precise image curation (especially as relates to privacy and mental health) often!