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Sarah is a digital director at Loma Vista Recordings. Originally hailing from the great Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania (GO BIRDS! šŸ¦…), she moved to the west coast back in 2015 to pursue a career in the music industry. Sarah enjoys pushing the envelope for artists in the digital space, whether that be hosting a Club Penguin listening party during the pandemic with Soccer Mommy to running a 3-day cryptic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure YouTube livestream powered by fan polls for Korn. There are so many ways to be interesting online, and that doesn't just mean being on TikTok...

Our recent chat with SarahĀ discusses her favourite campaigns and talks about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.


I am a huge fan of Boy Harsher- they recently made a visually stunning & grotesque horror film that they also scored to their music. Anyone who knows me knows I am down for ANYTHING spooky & supernatural so all of their music videos are a treat, plus their live shows are incredibly fun.

I am always along for anything King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard puts out. They've successfully taken on genres from surf rock to doom metal to bluegrass and somehow kept their identity through it all, not to mention all of their music videos are hilarious.


I love how playful this video is and how it toys with your expectations all the way to the end. It's directed by Helmi, who has also done work with Kali Uchis & Theophilus London. It's just one that I always enjoy revisiting.

This was a really tough decision, so if I'm able to, I'd love to give 2nd place to pretty much any of OK Go's music videos (Upside Down Inside Out, The One Moment, I Won't Let You down) because their commitment to making one-of-a-kind & wildly complex music videos is incredible.


Parquet Courts! Andrew Savage, the lead singer, is an incredible artist and makes all the artwork himself.

Fun fact: I have a piece of his artwork tattooed on my arm that was included in the deluxe vinyl art book from their album Human Performance.



Working on Ghost's recent album IMPERA has been an absolute pleasure. Everything that Ghost has built, narratively, musically, and within their fanbase, is amazing to be a part of. They have created this incredibly special space for fans to be themselves & support one another and it's really cool, speaking as both a fan and member behind-the-scenes. If you have Ghost, you have everything.


Change The Ref X Denzel Curry X Shepard Fairey Virtual Guacathon Event on Roblox.

The event hosted by Change The Ref, an advocacy group fighting against gun violence, took place on Roblox and included a virtual performance by rapper Denzel Curry and a collaboration with street artist Shepard Fairey, as well as minigames and virtual goods for a cause. The event was a celebration of Joaquin "The Guac" Oliver's life, who was killed in the Parkland, FL shooting back in 2018. I thought it was a really cool & creative collaborative effort with a powerful cause.



Maybe I'm biased because I work with Denzel, but this music video has everything I want in it: an epic storyline, an amazing location, poignant thematic references to unpack and not to mention a killer track. The end scene just makes you want to follow Denzel to the ends of the earth, which I wholly intend to do.


The Misfits logo- instantly recognizable and deliciously spooky.




They've been sharing behind-the-scenes looks into their rehearsals, special acoustic versions & covers of songs and they also love to post cryptic teasers for fans to solve when they're releasing new music, so there is always something fun to get into on there. Andy Hull is also just one of my favorite people and has the voice of an angel.


Ella Fitzgerald chatting with Marilyn Monroe, who was a big fan of her music, at a jazz session at the Tiffany Club in Hollywood on Nov. 19, 1954.

This one is credited to the Bettmann Archives.

I think I love this so much because it gives you perspective on the fame of that era & how the worlds blended seamlessly between Hollywood and music at that time.