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Creative New Music Friday: 10/12

December 2021

It's that time of the week! Here are five of the very best artworks for this week's Creative New Music Friday including credits for all the creators involved.


1. Ehiorobo – Joltjacket

Ehiorobo’s chameleonic, expansive sound traverses the space between experimental R&B, rap, jazz and noise punk. Equal parts soulful, poignant and zany, his output is as multifaceted as his unique personality and upbringing.

“I love many different types of music, and I wanted to showcase that on this project. The tracks are a mix between self-recountances, personal takes on the pop format, poetic asides, and fun/silliness sprinkled in a bit throughout.” - Ehiorobo


2. Fifi Rong – There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved

Integrating traditional elements into western popular music, Fifi’s sound is simultaneously melancholic and sensual.

“5 years of writing, recording and producing this double album on my own went into making sure these delicately crafted, heart-aching ballads would heal in the midst of tragedy and prepare you to smile at the end of your tears. I wanted it to be timeless.” - Fifi Rong


3. Teen Daze – Interior

Over the years, catalyzed by synthetic sights and sounds from oceans away, British Columbia producer Jamison Isaak aka Teen Daze patiently taught himself primitive software and recording programs, reverse engineering the heady, swooning horizons of the dance music that had permanently bewitched him.

Interior is Isaak’s love letter to his own artistic awakening, to the paradigm shifts inherent in youthful discovery and remote dreaming – your world exploded, your life forever changed. It’s music of skylines, escape, and sensual energy, forever cresting through nights that never end.


4. San Fermin – In This House

American indie rock collective Sam Fermin are known for combining indie rock, pop, and classical influences into lush compositions.

“I’m proud to see all of these discrete songs collected in one place. Each one was an experiment, a timestamp of the moment it was written in a quickly changing landscape. And though they are purposefully distinct, there’s a throughline that emerges when they’re taken together: themes of community, home, lives left behind.“ - Ellis Ludwig-Leone, songwriter and bandleader


5. Alpha Boötis – Science Fiction-Double Feature

Montréal band Alpha Boötis offers up self-styled "space disco synth metal," fusing the bombast of classic prog rock with the grooves of 80s dance music and the intensity of heavy metal. 

“Our music is inspired by countless science-fiction stories, but also by musical theatre and rock operas. Needless to say that the Rocky Horror Picture Show, being all three of these things, holds a special place in our hearts.” - Alpha Boötis