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It's that time of the week! Here are five of the very best artworks for this week's Creative New Music Friday including credits for all the creators involved.


1. Animal Collective - Time Skiffs

Time Skiffs’ nine songs are love letters, distress signals, en plein air observations, and relaxation hymns, the collected transmissions of four people who have grown into relationships, parenthood and adult worry. But they are rendered with Animal Collective’s singular sense of exploratory wonder. Harmonies so rich you want to skydive through their shared air, textures so fascinating you want to decode their sorcery, rhythms so intricate you want to untangle their sources. Here is Animal Collective's past two decades, still in search of what’s next.


2. Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There

Following their acclaimed debut For The First Time Black Country, New Road have harnessed the momentum from that record and run full pelt into their second album. Ants From Up There manages to strike a skilful balance between feeling like a bold stylistic overhaul of what came before, as well as a natural progression.

With For The First Time the band melded klezmer, post-rock, indie and an often intense spoken-word delivery. On Ants From Up There they have expanded on this unique concoction to create a singular sonic middle ground that traverses classical minimalism, indie-folk, pop, alt rock and a distinct tone that is already unique to the band.


3. Hippo Campus - LP3

Although the transformation observed across their past work documents Hippo Campus’ journey of growing up and finding themselves, LP3 is the most fully realised and contemplative version of the band yet, a peak achieved via a tender stroll through their own wonders and concerns.

Ultimately, LP3 is the latest demonstration of five friends who like indie rock blossoming into a tight, matured and experienced unit, the expertise of which is confining loose and relatable thoughts into addictive, bittersweet tunes.


4. Los Bitchos - Let The Festivities Begin

Currently based in London, this all-woman quartet has crafted a catchy and groove-laden album of the highest order. Let the Festivities Begin! delivers 11 examples of glittery surf rock fused to fantastic examples of contemporary world music. Each member hails from a different part of the globe, and that international perspective guides the direction and feel of these tunes.

The band roots its captivating aesthetic in creating a big vibe and delivering a bigger payoff. It’s Khrangbin hanging out with Link Ray, Mdou Moctar riffing with Morricone, Tinariwen flexing with Dick Dale. This music gets you smiling, shimmying, and shaking with your friends on the dance floor until late into the night.


5. Nobody’s Wolf Child - The Devil’s Gold

Nobody’s Wolf Child is a fresh project from the creators behind New State Masses. This mysteriously named project steps further into exploring the combined world of visual and audio, building itself to be a full 360 art piece. Each song set to release comes with its own visuals, allowing listeners to dive deeper into the band’s storytelling. The Fall, the project’s debut release, marks the beginning of a story, which promises to be of good length, evocative, intimate, and a rather ethereal one. The Devil’s Gold is the next piece of this journey.