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Tristan is a manager at NDPDNT Music, he helps brands, artists, and people tell their stories in the most compelling and exciting way possible, usually sitting at the crossroads of marketing and creative consulting on projects. He lives in Los Angeles because the city probably has the most amount of creatives per capita in the Western World.

Our recent chat with Tristan discusses their favourite campaigns and talks about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.


I've been really into Omar Apollo, Dijon, Q, and Wet. This batch of new artists are not only making great songs, they have genuine musical depth. It's exciting to be following their creative journey.


I chose Remi Wolf - Photo ID, directed by Florida Man. The music video is fun, has a 90s' vibe all the way and because I work with a lot of indy artists, I think it's a great example of a DIY video that is fun, ambitious, and captures the spirit of the song.


The ultimate album cover is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon. Yes, I know it's not very original but when I was a kid, my older brother had the poster in his room and it mesmerized me. I had no idea who the band was but there was something mysterious and extraterrestrial about it.



I just worked on a small indie artist's debut EP, her name is Lou Ella. I helped with creative direction and promotions within a very tight budget. It was challenging and very rewarding to help her execute her vision. Sometimes it doesn't matter how small the project is, because contributing to putting art out in the world will always be a net positive (and it makes me happy).


The brand collab between ASAP Rocky and Mercedes felt unexpected and honestly sounded random for ASAP. But what they pulled off gave the brand some street cred while expanding on ASAP's world. He designed a car for them that is just sick and you can imagine him driving it around Harlem (where he is from) - That tells me the brand really dived into the artist's world. The clothes too (yes Mercedes clothes) look cool, and are the perfect blend of elevated streetwear and vintage Mercedes vibes. Win-win.



The video that grabbed my attention recently is Tapz Gallantino - The Way It Is. Honestly, there is a beauty and simplicity about it that just catches you right off the bat. You can't turn your eye away from that opening shot - it's really compelling.


The Strokes did a logo that is timeless and looks great on clothes. They call it "Abstract" and I could see a fan wearing it as well as a 90 year old who has no idea who they are. You may think it's from a show at Art Basel so when you find out it's The Strokes, you want it even more.


A recent discovery is @nataliejanesings. She posts a lot of singing videos but they are often pretty raw and intimate. As someone who helps artists find their voice on social, it's a great account that shows you can do a lot with very little - as long as you are willing to put it out there.


Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire is definitely an iconic image. It was taken by Jim Marshall.