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Joe Innes manages BMG Sync advertising Creative output in the UK. This involves a number of different tasks and roles including, the delivery of briefs and promotion of our artists to key clients in the world of music supervision and advertising, Working alongside their bespoke team to create unique compositions and tracks for their external clients, and being a creative resource for their a&r teams and their artists who are looking to work more in sync.

Our recent chat with Joe discusses his favourite campaigns and talks about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.


I'm currently obsessed with the Latin American-influenced Techno being put out by the label tratratrax, and artists like Nicknoexit, Invt305, and Bitterbabe. I'm still pretty new to this sound but I'm loving incorporations of traditional Dembow rhythms with influences from UK Bass Music all tied together with incredible club-ready sound design. A lot of it hits that perfect sweet spot of heads-down club tracks while also being absolute party starters.


Tough to pick but one that I've also gone back to is Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me.


Burial - Archangel.

One of my all-time favourite records and a cover that perfectly represents the mood and vibe.



Most of my recent projects are still NDAed until further notice. One that did come out recently was an amazing RSPCA Xmas project I was part of alongside my colleague @Isobelondria where we got Gabrielle Aplin to cover the iconic track, "Heart of Glass" originally by Blondie.


I really enjoyed the recent collab between Keep Hush and Berghaus. I always enjoy when brand partnerships can go beyond just marketing and they way that Keep Hush used this as an opportunity to highlight local up coming DJs in different areas felt like a big win and very in keeping with there whole ethos.



Jeshi - 3210.

I'm a huge fan of the track by Jeshi and absolutely loved how the video was entirely practically shot leading to a creatively stunning music video. The choice of zoopraxiscope was an amazing way of capturing that blurry feeling of constant night-outs and feeling lost in the city that constantly moves forward with or without you.


The Odd Future logo will always have a soft spot in my heart from my teenage years.



Shameless self-promo but you should follow Shuffle 'n' Swing. This is the Record Label / Collective / Party Series I've been running alongside my good friend Josh B for the past 5 years. We are focused on preserving and modernizing the original energy and sound of UK Garage through a string of reissues and releases from new artists, while also throwing parties to give this sound a home and highlighting our contemporaries in the scene.


Personal one but always loved Ewen Spencers "UKG" photographs. Stunning shots capturing the essence of the dancefloors of that era.