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Creative Corner with Chantilly Post

January 2022

Chantilly Post is a Caribbean-born, Canadian raised publicist, who specializes in authentic storytelling and creating memorable moments for artists to showcase their artistry.

Outside of her job, Chantilly enjoys creative writing, being in nature and picking up new issues of her favourite magazines to see what’s moving in other parts of the world.

Our recent chat with Chantilly discusses her favourite campaigns and talks about the overlaps between visual creativity and music.

I’m currently working on authentic storytelling for artists I work with at Warner Music Canada. As we kick off a new year, I look forward to finding a way for their music and individual journey as artists to resonate with their listeners and new fans. Also, getting back to creative writing that’s for me and by me. It’s important to have passions and outlets outside of your job and writing is that for me.


Creatively at the moment, I’m loving Nowness’ In Residence series.

I can always rely on this for inspiration. I get lost in the homes of each artist and the careful consideration put into building and designing their unique spaces. I pull inspiration for all aspects of my creative life through the interviews that accompany each episode.


My all-time favourite music video is The Blaze - Territory

A cinematic beauty. The video sucks you in by the gorgeous shots, the characters and the storyline that sheds light on life in Algiers.



I’ve always loved the album art for Marvin Gaye - I Want YouTake me to the Sugar Shack!


It’s such a privilege to work with musicians who put their heart and soul into their music. I always enjoy the storytelling part that happens when I listen to the records and converse with artists to fully understand their message.

Most recently, I’ve worked with Amaal on her latest ep, Milly. The project is such a celebratory moment for Amaal who has revealed her true self, desires, wants, needs and all. There were a number of women on this team who helped bring the vision to life. Collaborating with other women, learning and supporting each other brings me the most joy. 


I have to show love to Basic.Space. They collaborate with brands, designers and artists who host unique experiences on the platform that provide insightful storytelling of their products.


For me the most creative and original music video of the past year is 21 Savage x Drake - Knife Talk. 

Director Pablo Rochat and Creative Director Fabio Benedetto understood the assignment. The collaboration between vintage clips and cartoons that mimic the lyrics and line up so well with the beat has me all in. The video delivered something different than what would be expected of a rap video about gang shit. I’m here for it!


I’ll leave the design work to the designers but if I wanted a logo, I would love to have Wilfred Limonious take the lead.

All of his illustrations for dancehall albums are amazing and have shaped the culture. I would trust him to illustrate something extraordinary.


The one artist you should follow on Instagram is Desiire. He’s a Toronto-based artist I’ve been a fan of for years and he never misses when it comes to killer fits and vibes. His whole aesthetic is a mood for me and it’s an authentic dose of fashion and sweet tunes.


The most iconic music photograph is Bob Marley’s One Love Peace Concert in 1978.

Bob Marley had the then Prime Minister Michael Manley and his opposing leader Edward Seaga shake hands on stage. The concert was dubbed the third Woodstock. The moment stands out to me as an act that signifies everything Bob Marley and music is about: If “we’re gonna make it right, we’ve got to unite.”