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United Kingdom

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WOBBLYLOBSTER Studio is Steve Smith, creating multi-style animation and illustration across the music industry and beyond.

Expert in 2D motion graphics, illustration character animation and multi-media cut-out animation and typography, WOBBLYLOBSTER Studio delivers exciting visuals for any project through a strong understanding of audience engagement and goals of the brief that result in smart, unique and entertaining pieces with fresh perspectives.

WOBBLYLOBSTER Studio also creates visuals in and outside the music industry be it animation, illustration, branding, cover art, posters, logos, graphic design, online visuals and TV graphics which includes the in-episode GFX from Netflix documentary series 'I Am A Killer'.

Full of animated music videos, lyric video, visualisers & artwork, WOBBLYLOBSTER has delivered for a whole range of exciting acts and big names. These include Amon Tobin, Robbie Williams, Nadia Rose, NNAMDÏ, Kodaline and Xenia Rubinos...

WOBBLYLOBSTER has received various awards, nominations and official screenings including London International Animation Festival and Adult Swim.

Unique works that are intuitively ideal for the individual project, sometimes with a highly unexpected angle.