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United Kingdom

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[ Numinous ] Artist & experimental filmmaker...has enjoyed success with recent short films, dark, experimental sci-fi film APEX (2018/19) and ‘Triskelion’ (2019/20) experimental Neo-noir thriller.

Numinous began writing and directing in 2000. This multiple award winning director/producer quickly established himself as a prominent music promo directors. Working with ‘Bring Me The Horizon’, ‘Young Guns’, ‘Bullet For My Valentine’, ‘Cradle Of Filth’ ‘Architects’ 'Rammstein' & ‘Enter Shikari’, for Sony, Virgin EMI, Columbia & Universal.

The dark cinematic aesthetic is illustrated in his art & photographic work & is translated into short films, conceptual design & art direction. He is a passionate versatile artist who enjoys challenging audiences & convention. Numinous short films have received over 150 awards since 2018.

Numinous is currently developing an original series of NFT’s alongside an original sci-fi series for Netflix.

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