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Inspired by magic, fostered by love, and fueled by passion.

Gemma Ivana Miranda is a creative designer, peculiar storyteller, and Disney obsessor. She is also the founder of boutique design studio based in Jakarta and Bali, Mahija Studio.

With music being one of her creative catalysts, Gemma has designed for promotors who host many international artists and labels throughout her career, such as Roche Musique (FR), Soulection (US), Boiler Room (UK), Detroit Swindle (NL), Future 10 (ID), King Britt (US), Lou Lou Records (BE), Sunshine Jones (UK), Max Essa (JP), and Tornado Wallace (AU). Her gig poster design was also featured in Paste and NYLON Magazine. Other than her music clients, she did corporate branding projects with Finders Fair (ID), Lucy’s Batik (ID), Waffle Shuffle (ID), and Amazebowls (US).

She experiments with different mediums and styles in designing, believing in limitless creative expression. Her love for arts is hugely inspired by fauvism, (Matisse, Raoul Dufy), neoclassical arts (Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres), clean layouts, Swiss typography and vintage fairytales.

Out of her love for desserts, she can guarantee that all of her works is sugar-induced. Nonetheless, it is mostly and purely, a labor of love.