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  • Take That - Making Progress

    Documentary following Take That during their Progress Live tour.

    Commissioned by Universal Globe.

    2 weeks ago
  • Devansh - To Feel Free Documentary

    A short documentary about Devansh's debut album, To Feel Free, and his journey as a musician. Produced with my studio, Studio Curve

    1 month ago
  • Raquel Martins - Empty Flower Documentary

    A short documentary for Raquel Martins about her recent EP "Empty Flower" and her journey as a musician so far. Shot, directed & coloured by myself, with edit & production support from my team at 

    4 months ago
  • Kat Leigh "Asking For It"

    Mini-documentary / live performance film for new BMG singer/songwriter Kat Leigh.

    Returning to New York for the first time after the death of their mother, I spoke to Kat on the eve of their first live ever show. An exploration of love, loss in the face of a burgeoning music career.

    Commissioned by BMG.

    5 months ago
  • BPM

    5 drummers in 5 different locations, each improvising at a set tempo and then arranged into 1 cohesive track by Rob Smoughton (Hot Chip) with the visuals edited around it. 

    Seb Rochford
    Sarah Jones
    Pedro Segundo
    Pauli Lovejoy
    Nick Roberts

    Commissioned by Independant.

    6 months ago
  • Image


    Ex Machina - Official Limited Edition Boxset

    Ex Machina Limited edition Steelbook DVD case for Universal Pictures. 

    One of my favourite films of all time (my dissertation was mainly about it), it was a dream to be able to do an official illustration set for them for this product. The two contrasting designs are based on the film’s themes of isolation, identity and Mary’s room thought experiment. 

    Created at Oink Creative London. 

    8 months ago
  • Tour documentary for Haelos: ARK - the film

    Client: BMG

    Role: Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor, Colourist, Title Designer

    A tour documentary for UK trip-hop band Haelos. Shot across eleven US states and Canada, the 15 minute long film was developed from a series of interviews shot with fans across the country, exploring the themes and concept of the band's second album, Any Random Kindness.

    During the production process, I creative directed and produced a social media campaign connecting the band with fans across the world, allowing them to leave messages, voice notes and other content for the band, which was included in the film. I also shot, directed a produced a package of shorter film assets to promote the album.

    Commissioned by BMG.

    1 year ago
  • Lucy For A Day

    Lucy For A Day - Trailer 

    1 year ago

  • Image

    IPLER - The Yarn (2016)

    İpler - The Yarn

    Short Film / 2016 Turkiye / 10mins.

    Synopsis : A Greek-Turkish couple and their little daughter, travel with their caravan in the Turkish seaside of the Aegean Sea. This time, however, their journey ends with a fantastic reflection of a tale that the parents always tell their daughter.

    Cast: Merve Polat Dimitris Makalias Alis İkizler Deniz Ikizler 

    Director, Scriptwriter, Producer: Gokce Pehlivanoglu

    Director of Photography: Panagiotis Charamis Producer

    Awards :

    • Inonu University 9th Short Film Festival – Best Fiction Film (2016)

    • 8th Lions Short Film Competition – The 3rd Best Film (2017)

    • Crossroads 11th International Short Film Festival – Best Fiction Film, Best Editing, Best Script Awards (2016)

    1 year ago
  • Image

    The Devourer's World

    In a world where the shadow toilers work endlessly, dreaming of the comfortable lives of the capsule people, everything is not as it seems... For this is the devourers world.

    Production Credits: Story & Direction: Karan Mehta Producer: Milda Stasaitytė Animation: Milda Stasaitytė Karan Mehta Ruby Mortlock Coloring: Milda Stasaitytė Ruby Mortlock Sound Engineer: Karan Mehta Soundtrack: Cyro Chambers

    Commissioned by london international animation festival.

    1 year ago