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Visualisers for the album '11110'. TBK are Mr J Medeiros (Alltta / The Procussions etc), Ricky Tillo (Lady Gaga etc) & Tim Stewart (Lady Gaga / Rihanna etc).

With one for each song, the visualisers involve the head of a featured musician on the album.

(One track actually isn't included. Instead I made a full promo for the track 'Garbage Truck' which can be viewed in it's own CC Project.)

These visualisers only use a few photos each and is manipulated with collage animation techniques.

Some open up revealing robotic insides, others are drawn over. There's even a rapping goldfish.

The animation is highly synced and delivers on character full of attitude and humour. Expressions and eye moment give each face lots of character, full of attitude and humour, often reacting to the bizarre things happening to their heads.

For each track I animated a minute of video in high sync. These minute versions can be found on my Instagram @wobblylobster

The minute animations were duplicated, adapted and more content added, (all keeping in sync) to make the full track versions.

These full track versions are also available in my visualiser playlist on YouTube…