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NXTGEN School Tour Diaries

(Two more videos on the way.)

The original brief:

Entertainment One are in need of a Manchester-based filmmaker (video + photo).

We are looking for someone to create a tour diary around the tour. Must be clever with angles as most schools have a no-face policy.

Band are very easy going. Wanting content of them performing, meeting fans, in the van on the way there, etc.


The tour was set to 'plant the seeds' for local fandom amongst local schools where students can 'discover' the band and create a homegrown movement from there outwards.

For these videos, we went with a 'run 'n gun' style with a DSLR - as the project also required photos, it meant taking pictures between video shoots - and it meant mobility, ease of function and access.

With the target audience set to be teenagers, the approach went with a more raw handheld style as opposed to a locked-off and polished look - allowing the energy of the movement to keep the visuals interesting throughout the video.

As well as trying to capture the fun and energy of the day, the job required interaction with the group themselves to tease out great moments from them, whether that be 'vox pops' or simply indulging in a few funny shennanigans for the camera.

All the while being respectful to the premises, schools, students and staff whilst doing the job to the band and label's satisfaction.