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Paper Sky Films is a full-service, director-lead production company that is passionate about possibility.

We have a life-long love for authentic, cinematic, meaningful, beautiful, emotional and engaging stories.

Ranging from commercials, music videos, TV shows, documentaries, photography, animation, graphic design and all other digital and online campaigns, we source the best talent for every project and ensure each piece of content is unique and spell-binding that offers a sensory experience for audiences.

Whilst we focus on telling great stories, Paper Sky Films also strives to champion diverse and ardent creatives - whether that’s directors, producer, writers, animators or crew - we believe that creativity is a birth right for all and recipe of a production is all the richer for it.

Regardless of budget size, we’re inspired and excited by ideas first and foremost - the tapestry of the company is woven by the unique and one-of-a-kind specialists and creatives who want to be just as proud of the content we create as our clients are.

With a sheet of paper and a great idea, the sky is the limit.


Paper Sky Films may be a young production company, but with over a decade of industry experience and hundreds of projects created by the owners prior to the company's inception in 2018, we are driven by innovative and inventive visual story-telling that connects audiences, consumers and customers to brands, campaigns, messages and services.

We collaborate with the most talented and diverse creatives in front and behind the camera, enabling us to think bigger and smarter than your standard get-in/get-out thirty second commercial; we make every shot, cut, movement, angle, colour, sound, performance and moment count towards a truly sensory and immersive experience for audiences.


We love music and we love working on projects surrounding music.

Paper Sky Films has worked with some of the world's greatest music labels and management groups to produce music videos, documentaries, as well as a variety of online and digital content for incredible artists. We champion creative collaboration and value the input of our music clients, to ensure that we maintain a flexible, fun and unforgettable production for everyone involved.

Regardless of the format or genre, we always seek to push ourselves to develop a perennial and spellbinding visual odyssey for audiences from start-to-finish.

We have produced content for the likes of Mumford & Sons and worked closely with Universal Music Group, Entertainment One Music and Island Records.


Through mid-2020, Paper Sky Films has pivoted towards television production and has since been in discussions with various commissioners to develop a variety of programmes from factual to drama.

Watch this space for further details...