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Music video for Eye on the Wall by Paper Sky Productions

This music video was shot a few months before the launch of 'Paper Sky Productions' - the concept surrounding the struggle the artist endured whilst having a difficult time with his wife, hence the lyrics: 'Start again - hit reset.'

There is virtually no budget to the video, as it was done as a personal favour to the artist 'Eye on the Wall' to help launch their EP - so the story had to be kept simple.

With the idea of 'Start Again,' Paper Sky decided on the story of a couple going through a turbulent time and the video is played in reverse - taking them back to the 'honeymoon' days, remembering why they fell in love with each other in the first place and to not let a petty squabble ruin everything that they built together.

All shot in a day with available light - starring two local actors who volunteered their services - Start Again follows the cadance and beat of the music itself.