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"Life is an Adventure"

The introductory animation for the Paper Sky Films produced series of short films developed for Richard Branson and Virgin. 

Paper Sky Films teamed up with Virgin in 2021 to create twelve animated short films, each telling individual stories following Richard Branson’s adventures, explorations and record-breaking feats throughout his life and career via balloons, boats and spaceships.

Every film seeks to entertain and inspire younger audiences, in hopes to ignite their own imaginations and curiosities about the world around them and to welcome potential adventures in their lives.

Life is an Adventure” - as the intro is titled - features a present day Richard Branson joyfully sat on rock, against a setting sun, on Necker Island (a mini reference to the front cover of Branson’s book: “Finding My Virginity”) scribbling away on a notepad before tearing off a sheet and launching a self-transforming piece of origami into the sky.

Week-by-week, each film will be released on Richard Branson’s social media pages, blog and sites, as well as most of Virgin’s channels, with further plans to release the films via other outlets that focus on young audiences.