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Creative direction, Music video, Video Production for Cold Years by Paper Sky Productions

Budget: £2500-3000

In the original brief, the band and their team wanted to address the current issues that were straining on society today via politics, capitalist corruption, climate change and everything else in between that is making the world worse.

We decided to take the concept of a TV show, like Blue Peter, Sesame Street, Sooty and Sweep etc. and turn the idea on its head to show a seemingly normal and cheesy show for kids that is a bad influence and exploiting the children involved with the show itself. With the band members playing the TV show presenters, Foo Fighters-style - where the band play all of the roles.

This video was the band's introduction to the American, Canadian and German music markets - so it was imperative that the band was shown performing as well, so we intercut both sequences and edited them in a way that helped the narrative flow from one to the next.