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Calypo Spritz - Collage Animator

I use an abstract collage style of animation that can be both playful and disturbing. I pull from imagery that fetishises consumption and ego then create vibrant, textural scenes and characters that vary depending on the narrative of the commission. My work is better suited to heavier sounds but I have also worked with classical and folk artists.

I also use found magazine and destroyed billboard adverts to create obscure collages that often play on the dispassionate expressions and materialistic desires found in advertising. I also reappropriate found footage to create animations in a similar stye to my 2D work. Please see my website for my work My most recent project was for Attacca Quartet through Creative Commission for Sony.

A bit more about me -

With over 12 years experience as a director, DoP, producer, cameraman and editor I draw upon professionally recognised technical and interpersonal skills to create engaging videos for major cultural organisations. My diverse production pieces capture innovative creative work, reflect the credentials of major organisations, support inclusion and diversity and provoke positive change.

Please see my other website -

As the Creative Director for The British Red Cross (2019) I managed the film and production timescale, scripted and directed over 30 films. For BBC World Service I researched and developed storylines that explored diasporic experiences of Hmoung people in French Guiana. As the director and self-shooting AP on Being 17, BBC World Service (Serbia piece, 2018) I managed all aspects of the film shoot, edit and post production. I managed the production and filming timescale, developed plot sequences, wrote scripts and interpreted narratives for BBC Bitesize (Careers and RE series 2017- 2019).

I approach every project creatively, maintaining a professional attitude and ensuring high quality results. I have been praised for my cinematography on the BBC Diaspora series, attracted support from The Place for my piece ‘Empty Nesters’ and collaborated with EMIC productions on our BAFTA award nominated film ‘The Invitation’. I am highly adept at delivering on agreed objectives to deadlines and providing dynamic and innovative solutions within diverse budgets.

Working in refugee camps in Greece (2016) I developed and managed a long-term media production plan. I devised and created a range of videos that strategically communicate LHR’s objectives, programmes and intentions. I managed projects from brief to delivery, in an environment that demanded a high level of awareness and sensitivity towards vulnerable men, women and children who had survived traumatic experiences.

I use After Effects to enhance work with graphics and animation to produce titles sequences and stop-frame animation. I make my own sound design and music for my dance films and collaborations with ACE funded artists. VICE, MUTE, The National Trust, Arts Council England have all commissioned my photography.