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< Hi there, I'm Mark. The Short Version --------------------------- I'm a graphic designer Web designer Digital marketer Dad and Enormous House and Disco head. I have a design and marketing company Divine Aesthetic Design & Marketing Ltd. Music and design are my life. As is my beautiful daughter Ava. I live and breath all three. In my spare time, I DJ and promote events (well, did until the world imploded), and have a monthly radio show on 1BTN.FM. I love music and I love design. I love designing for music, but just don't get enough projects of this type through my company. So that's why I'm here. I'm hoping some music industry projects from can help redress the balance. The Long Version -------------------------- I've been designing visual delights since 2001. In fact, it's music that got me started as a graphic designer in the first place. In all honesty, It was born out of necessity rather than by design (excuse the pun). I DJed in my spare time (still do), and in 2001 started putting on my own events. I needed branding and artwork for the flyers but had no budget. So decided to design them myself. To my surprise, they looked great, and I loved doing it. So I did all my own artwork from then on. Soon enough, other promoters saw my artwork and asked who did it. When they discovered it was me, they'd ask if I could do theirs, too. The same thing happened with friends and family who ran businesses. Soon enough I had a great graphic design side-hustle alongside my day job (I worked in Procurement at IBM at the time). This developed into web design and then on to marketing. In 2007 I formally registered my design agency Divine Aesthetic. A few years later in 2009, I was doing enough business to ditch the corporate day job (I was working at Vodafone UK by then) and signed up for a full-time Graphic Design degree course. I graduated with first-class honours in 2012 and set up my first studio for Divine Aesthetic. I've been providing high-quality web, brand and marketing services to my clients full-time since then. Alongside Divine Aesthetic, I've been lucky enough to dip my toe into the music and events industry. Though promoting my own events I've had the pleasure of working with many house music heroes of mine, such as; Greg Willson, Bill Brewster, Alfredo (Yes, that Alfredo. We flew him over from Ibiza especially!) Nancy Noise, Grahame Park, Ashley Beedle (Interviewed Ashley for the radio show too earlier this year. Top bloke) Dave Jarvis, Terry Farley, X-Press2 (Rocky and Diesel), Justin Robertson, Ray Mang, Luke Unabomber, Wolf Music... ...I'm sure I missed a few (sorry guys!). I've also been lucky enough to have curated tents for Farm Fest and Victorious Festival So I suppose what I'm trying to get across with all this is that I'm a seasoned designer and marketer who can produce high-quality work, while at the same time love music and have some insight in this area too. What that means for you is not only will you get great quality design/branding/marketing (delete as appropriate) but I'll also 'get' you and what your audience wants, making the whole process much easier and the end result so much more effective. Thanks for bearing with me all the way down to here. If you've made it this far then there must have been something of interest that kept you reading? If so, why not give me a quick 10min call so we can have a chat, no pressure, no obligation, to see if there's something here that might make us a good fit for one another? Other than 10 mins, what is there to lose? Thanks for reading. Good luck with it all. I hope I can help your business soon. Cheers. Mark. Mark Persaud. 02392 007 823