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United Kingdom

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Born and raised in South Africa, Brett is now based between Amsterdam & the UK. Being a true global citizen has given him a unique point of view that is prevalent in all his work. Beyond all else Brett is interested in making work that aims at positively contributing to society and to individuals, pushing forward toward a future that is more accepting, inclusive and connective. He has a particular interest and resonance with the under represented – those on the edges of the mainstream - his work therefore celebrates diversity, inclusion and above all our common humanity. 

While fluent in many styles, Brett flourishes in the space between documentary and fiction: working with real people to find and communicate powerful and universal truths and insights. 

His work connects viscerally with the audience, engaging them emotionally and bringing them into the moment/scenario. His stories are simple and clear, leaving room for interpretation. Viewers are driven to look inward to fill in the gaps & asses what kind of stories they tell themselves and what their place in the world is.

Coming from a background in both performance and cinematography, Brett knows how to work with performance whether it be stylised or authentic within a distinctive visual frame-work.

Brett works closely with ‘real people’ in his process: weaving authentic narratives stemming from truth and the experiences of real life people. One of his strengths is putting others at ease: allowing them to open up, finding a golden nugget of truth and insight to communicate to the viewers. This gives him a unique and clear narrative voice that is real and raw, while simultaneously subtlety layered with meaning through subtext and abstraction.