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United Kingdom

Description 2

I am an illustrator working with both traditional and digital media and an animation artist. In my videos, I use assets hand-drawn by me in a variety of media (pen and ink, coloured pencil, watercolour, pastels, etc.) and then animate them digitally which helps me to create a unique atmosphere for each of my projects. I am multilingual, as I started my working life as a classical scholar and a translator, and am happy to work on music videos in English, German, Italian, French, Russian or Greek languages. I am versatile in terms of style and manner and find delight in imitating all things vintage. If you envisage a music video where an old oil painting or an etching comes to life, I would be happy to help you to capture your vision, draw the picture or create the etching and then add the motion. I am mesmerized by the memorable, eerie and surreal images, like those we see in dreams, which modern film editing software allows one to capture, and I am fascinated by the complex symmetry of living creatures and patterns we see unfolding in the universe around us - motion graphics help me to dive into this world.