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COVID fan community microsite for Larkins

As part of the wider release campaign for their latest release “Are We Having Any Fun Yet?”, label Good Soldier approached us to create a simple microsite that could engage fans. We created a microsite allowing fans to leave messages and thoughts in relation to their mood, and the release title as a question, all created to help create community feeling amidst the early days of the COVID pandemic. For the back-end we created a simple moderation platform to enable both the band and label to monitor fan messages, and publish them.

In the words of the band, Larkins:

"We wanted to create a platform for people to safely express their thoughts on when they’re asked the question ‘Are We Having Any Fun Yet?’ ❣️ This website is about sharing stuff that you might not want to in person. It’s also about celebrating thoughts and ideas that we might not always appreciate. Most importantly, it’s about understanding that we all have stuff in common.We wanna watch this platform change, adapt and evolve into something really fucking important. Please post responsibly. All the love in the world xxx"