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The Killers "Rut"

I have always felt a deep connection to The Killers' more emotionally potent tracks; at least from the music video perspective. This latest project with them afforded me an opportunity to visit the deeper recesses of my emotions to carefully depict the ups and downs of those suffering from complex PTSD (from both sides).

I started with the idea of an old abandoned home with green/ugly/outdated carpet and built the set from there. We were fortunate to have cast strong talent for the the woman, and a girl to play her younger self. I make an homage to an earlier video I did with the band called "The World We Live In", using the rectangular framed construction as a portal for managing trauma (an image which is echoed in the first video directly to show a correlation between each song even after 9 years).

At the moment the man stops when the woman stops running I am depicting the importance of understanding the amount of safe space others may need when passing through the healing process into a "normal" life, as the traumatized learn on their own terms how to stop running from their pain and the bystander learns to support with love and separation.

The video holds many other symbolic elements.