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Jax Jones Social Media

From July 22nd 2021 to November 27th 2021 I worked with Jax Jones and the Loving Alliance management team to kick start Jax's social media content creation and growth.

Prior to this engagement Jax Jones had experience zero growth for 2 years and was even in a decline, losing followers daily.  Although Jax Jones is a household name his social platforms were not moving in positive path. I was brought in to schedule, film, edit and take responsibility for community engagement.

Within' 30 days I was able to turn his instagram account from a deficit into a growing and vibrant platform reaching 1.4% growth, with 733k accounts reached in the same time frame too.

Through my content strategy and working directly with Jax Jones I created many pieces of content which reach above and beyond expected KPI's. Including some pieces of content reach over 100k views! I was able to take Instagram posts from doing 20 - 50 comments up to 300 - 500 comments!