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Billen Ted FT JC Stewart - 24/7 (Acoustic Music Video)


I was commissioned to make an acoustic music video for Billen Ted's single 24/7 featuring JC Stewart. 

The scope for the project was £10,000 including press shots for the single and I delivered it £2,000 under budget and on time.

My involvement in this project was very early on and included but was not limited to location scouting, hiring a team, sourcing equipment, directing, 2nd camera operator, editing colour grading and delivery.

My team included;

  • Gucci Daniels - Director
  • Reece Evans - Main camera operator
  • Gucci Daniels - 2nd camera operator
  • Ella Woollgar - Producer (recommended to me by superstar producer Chance Wilson)
  • Sabion Paid - Audio
  • AA.Vision AKA Andrea Astarita - Photographer
  •  MUA - unkown

You can watch this music video by clicking here:

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