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Helena Day - Every Time We Say Goodbye (Live Session)

Inspired by the melancholic yet appreciative aura of Helena Day’s take on the song “Every Time We Say Goodbye” by Cole Porter, I wanted to create a visual ode to the nostalgia and yearning of parting ways with a lover.

Making allusion to the concept of solitude — a state of being alone without being lonely — the piece pays homage to the song through a narrative live performance by emerging Jazz singer Helena Day and her pianist Antimo Magnotta. 

The project itself lies somewhere between Tarkovsky meets Todd Hido and Edward Hopper. By staying true to the naturalistic artist’s performance but through a one-take visual approach the video incorporates a subtle narrative and poetic layer to the performance through the camera staging and mise-en-scène.

This way challenging the form and blurring the lines between live performance and music video in order to suggest a narrative and a mood that would work in tandem with the aura and meaning of the song.