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Ode To The Papaya x London Fashion Week (Fashion Film)

An exploration of the diasporic experience as something visceral, transformative and violent.

How do you reinvent yourself in a new context without losing your identity?

This is the question that permeates ANCIELA's SS23 collection as designer Jennifer Droguett sets out to re-develop Latin American symbols inspired by Latin Soul, Salsa and Mambo costumes infused with graffiti art.

The collection aims to break stereotypes and pay homage to the iconic and controversial Divas of Latin music from the 60’s such as Celia Cruz, La Lupe and Carmen Miranda

Making allusion to the collection concept, "Ode To The Papaya" explores the journey of reinventing yourself without losing your identity through a series of symbolic vignettes working in tandem with the collection inspiration.

Through a combination of visual poetry, sonic cues from the Latin American divas and movement, the film delves into four chapters subtly connoting the journey of a person’s diasporic experience from: Origin, Departure, Estrangement and Reinvention.