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El Perro - Call Me When You're Home & Let Me Think That Again (Full Film)

Fans of the surreal and stylistic will appreciate this intriguing pair of promos for El Perro. Taken together, 'Call Me When You're Home' and 'Let Me Think That Again' form a cryptic tale of love, murder, and obligation - set against a desolate desert backdrop. 

The film opens with a pair of characters fleeing a wedding, the woman passing the ring to her accomplice and celebrating her freedom in the back of the car. It appears they're dumping a body once they arrive in the wilderness, but a fiery fate for the mysterious bag instead reveals it's full of other wedding rings. 

There are hints of magical realism and surreal imagery throughout the piece, with the second promo seeing the man read his fortune from a cookie before summoning a sword from thin air and asking his partner to kill him. She bleeds molten metal as she refuses to go through with the act, keeping them both suspended in their arcane limbo. 

Esoteric and thought-provoking, it's as aesthetically pleasing to watch as it is narratively challenging. Patient viewers will enjoy sitting back to let the desert wash over them, picking up hints about the duo's supernatural activities along the way.

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