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United Kingdom

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Hi there, Thomas here.

I am a London based artist specialising in hand drawn and painted work, blending graphic, surreal and abstract to create bold images that get noticed. Always experimenting. I find keeping things bold without screaming them (although on occasion they need to be screamed) is a great way to work.

To give an idea of the vibe, here's some keywords...








I have worked in multiple creative industries which was a great way to gain experience.

I worked on a Netflix documentary where they used my artwork on the set and assisted in set design for the recent Spielberg film, Ready Player One.

I have done record covers for bands and producers along with merch design and logos and am currently working with EA games providing artwork for a new project. Exciting times!


Painting/ drawing-

Always working on my own projects, exhibiting with Great White Art gallery Bristol, and doing the rounds at the art fairs in the UK.

Creating original artwork and licencing paintings for record covers with adjustments to suit the project. Licencing existing paintings means things can progress quickly which is often essential.

Graphic design-

Designing album covers, posters, logos, merch and all the digital side of things. I have recently been making moving logos, short animations and gifs which adds an interesting element to your online content, which can also include sound.

Murals and street art-

Having drawn and painted on the streets for years I comfortable working on a large scale, paintings in front of an audience.


The right lettering style is important to the overall feel of your image. I have a knowledge of typography and have created my own, hand drawn "urban" fonts. Blending calligraphy with a graff twist.


I worked as a tattoo artist for full time fore 10 years, still tattooing on a selection of ongoing clients. My tattoos and paintings have been published in various books and tattoo magazines.

Sound design-

I have a great interest and sound design and have produced tracks which have been released with various labels. I also create soundscapes and sound effects using recorded organic sound, along with loops and breaks of multiple genres good for background video grooves. all on the grimier side of things.

Thanks for taking an interest. Have a peep at the links to view.