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I'm a creative director and storyteller working with artists, brands and virtual reality. I work across artist campaigns, concepting aesthetic, storyline and branding for artists, produce, commission and execute all photoshoots, artwork, video shoots, live show design/content and social content.

My aim is to create a story both online and offline, in every platform of an artists' reach, that constantly draws us back to the music, message and visuals the artist puts out in the world. I love creating breadcrumb trails for fans to find, whether if it's in a video or artwork for a show, live visual content or leads to an AR marketing activation. I love connecting the dots between all creative outlets, and expanding an artists' world and presence visually.

I create live music video content, lyric videos, social content, as well as overall campaign work. Clients include Lana Del Rey, Donna Missal, Harvest Records, Capitol Records, Interscope Records, Atlantic Records, Warner, Otis Redding Estate. I have written award winning music videos for the likes of Chris Stapleton, Halsey, David Guetta, 1975 and many others.

I am also considered an immersive storyteller, having written many virtual reality music and commercial spots for various VR companies, and have spoken on a number of panels regarding storytelling in virtual reality. I'm obsessed with experiential installations that take virtual reality and visual content outside of headsets, and am developing various campaign strategies with record labels to create virtual marketing pieces and visual content that can be used outside of traditional, digital and headset roll out.