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United Kingdom

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I am an independent freelance photographer, my work has appeared in magazines newspapers and digital media around the world. Along with my printed media portfolio, my images regularly feature on TV with Sky, BBC and ITV, and several individual documentary features on me and my work have been produced. I also has three hardback photography books and three highly acclaimed exhibitions to my name.

Previously employed for seven years as the Senior Club Photographer for one of the premier leagues top 4 teams, I travelled extensively to cover the club’s first team in the UK and around the world. My pictures have featured across the official football clubs media channels as well as in numerous other global media outlets on a daily basis.

My other commercial and editorial work has been in the music and entertainment industry. Some of my past clients have been, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Elbow, The Stone Roses, Muse, One Direction and many more international celebrities and organisations. I work closely with Noel Gallagher in his tours and help proved images for his social media channels.

Educated in Lancashire and specialising in art and photography, I have been taking photographs for more than 30 years. I have an extensive portfolio of reportage and studio photography in addition to my acclaimed sports images. Based in the UK, my work regularly takes me all over the world. I am well renowned as an overall professional documentary, music, sport and commercial,photographer.

Beyond my technical skills I have been told that my character, passion for life, and personal connection with clients makes me an amazing, creative and fun individual to work with.