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United Kingdom

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I am a multimedia artist that specialises in vintage video and scientific equipment along with cutting-edge processing techniques and hardware. Combining historic equipment with current software and projection allows me to create texture and depth to my outcomes that add character and uniqueness.

I pride myself on being friendly, honest, approachable and professional, catering to clients’ needs as well as offering unique bespoke ideas and outcomes to push through the swathes of generic promotional material that is being produced.

I have worked with classical instrumentalists for theatre productions (using live projection mapping), comedians, musicians and labels, crossing many different genres from House to Drum and Bass. I have exhibited my fine art work at a number of galleries and festivals in London and Norwich. I am a visiting lecturer in Photography at Norwich University of the Arts UK.

My fine art practice focuses heavily on the value of marginalised architecture and its value to belonging and identity, working with archives and found footage, to understand the importance of looking back to inform our present and future.