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Reneé Thompson is an artist, director, director of photography, cinematographer, photographer, colorist, writer, entrepreneur, capital trader, digital marketer, web developer, philosopher, producer, and the owner and founder of AÉNL, LLC; an international brand, media, internet distribution label, and advertising company, with in-house video production.

Reneé has nine years of experience in the media & film industry, four years of experience in the marketing & advertising industry, and five years experience as a computer science and software engineer practitioner. Projects include a feature film, television series, music video productions, along with the day to day projects in the areas of music production, commercial, social, and corporate content, as well as consultations with various artists within the DFW Hip Hop ecosystem. She specializes in cinematography, music video direction (pre and post), original treatments, editing, web design, graphic design, social media marketing, digital marketing, visual brand development and visual brand maintenance. Some of the clients she’s been fortunate to work with include Gukenheimer, Devon Energy, Core Water, Partychaser, iAmOther,, High Standardz, Dated. Faded. Worn., DFW Vintage Swap Meet, Charles K., Bobby Sessions, Def Jam, Radio One, ByDesignFilms, Nezifah, Daniel "Booby" Gibson, Lowe's,, Yirga, 97.9 The Beat, Millennial Clubs, and Alpha 7 Energy. She’s extremely well versed in the areas of cinematography, directing, coloring, sales, social media management, automation, strategy, digital marketing, event marketing, google marketing, spotify marketing, creative writing, social media growth hacking, start-ups, branding, editing, & mixing and mastering.

In addition to her creative skills she specializes in Wordpress development, Web development, UI development, PHP, CSS, HTML, automation, digital advertising and campaign management not limited too, but includes: Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, and Microsoft ads. She has five years of additional experience in developing and integrating technical solution components with the following: XML, SQL, Linux shell scripting, bash scripting, SQL, developing and testing RESTful APIs, API Management platforms, AWS, Elastic search and/or NoSQL databases, and Node.js.