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Mockingbird Film Co

United Kingdom

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Mockingbird is an award winning production company made up of a dynamic, innovative team of filmmakers that have a passion for storytelling. With the ability to attract investment for Film and TV, coupled with our creative freedom, we are committed to bringing new and boundary pushing projects to mass audiences, Worldwide.

Our closely knit team has an extensive set of skills that include Writing, Directing, Producing, Post Production and Editing. Our range includes cradle to grave creations in various genres, with a forte in TV and Cinema. Extending to Music Videos, Live Productions/Streaming and Concerts, CGI, Animation & Motion Graphics, Educational Videos, commissions for Branded Campaigns and Corporate Videos or fly on the wall Documentaries.

We actively collaborate and often partner with industry professionals to complete projects of varying complexities. With our creative team and extensive production capabilities we ensure that all projects will be delivered on budget, on time and beyond expectations.

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