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United States

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Dedicated and highly skilled Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist with a decade of experience spanning both freelance and marketing agency environments. Adept at translating creative visions into compelling visual content, I have honed my expertise in every facet of video production, from ideation and planning through to post-production, consistently delivering exceptional results. Whether collaborating with cross-functional teams in agency settings or taking artistic concepts solo from inception to final deliverables as a freelancer, I am committed to producing captivating and impactful videos that resonate with audiences.

Independently manage all aspects of video projects, from concept to final deliverable, for a diverse range of clients in the music industry. Collaborate closely with artists and record labels to translate their creative visions into visually stunning music videos and promotional content. Produce and edite videos that have garnered millions of views on various digital platforms, contributing to the success of numerous music releases. Developed a reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget, earning repeat business  and referrals from satisfied clients.