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United Kingdom

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Hello, I'm Mat Williams, a freelance Illustrator based in London. I specialise in creating high quality, hand-drawn colour pencil artwork.

With over 10 years of experience working as a professional artist, I have a wide and eclectic portfolio servicing a variety of clients and I would love to continue creating artwork within the music industry.

I am versatile craftsman with a range of skills and can also work in other visual styles, including printmaking and line drawing, so I'm able to offer a completely personalised service to clients.

Clients include: Barbour - Brutus Magazine - Channel 4 - Esquire - Global Blue - Grant Thornton International - IBM - Lupus Films - Monkey Shoulder Whisky - New York Magazine - Nokia - Pepsi Co. - Radio Times - Three (Mobile) - Unilever - United Arrows - Walker Books - World Wildlife Fund (WWF)