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Double Vision

With clients predominately from the music industry and broadcasting, Double Vision has developed a strong practice within a particular demographic yet remains open to any creative brief. From producing full music videos and album campaigns to short creative edits for socials. We have a network of trusted directors, graphic designers, animators, illustrators and copywriters at hand. All able to work remotely.

We're highly experienced with editing software, film techniques and art direction. Often working as part of a larger team utilising animators, prop makers and designers. We've worked with well-known labels such as Polydor, Jagjaguwar, Island, Atlantic, Partisan Records and 'the big four' (EMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group).

Double Vision also works freelance for broadcast and production houses such as the BBC, Vice, Channel 4 and many others.

Carefully crafting and creating animations and video content to best reflect the project in hand. Adaptable in aesthetic and style, format and technique. Direct feedback and direct contact along the way.

We're influenced by colour, composition, new and innovative film techniques and of course experimentation, the key to creative development.