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Woolwich Arsenal
United Kingdom

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Grant Taylor is an award-winning director based in SE London. He has made a name for himself directing narrative films, music promos and ad campaigns.

His latest music video for Breakbeat act the Stanton Warriors premièred on Decoded magazine. and this year he’s worked with artists Tom Speight, RVBY and Tusks and has debuted his latest promo Days Go By Remix for Camelphat and Dirty Vegas on Spinning TV.


Growing up I always asked a lot of questions (I still do). And I made stuff all the time. So when I was told to pick a career I flicked through the Penguin Careers Guide A-Z and decided that architecture was for me (it was on page 1). And I loved it. I made models all day in a crazy studio that should have been a channel 4 show.

But when I graduated the economy crashed, construction stalled and I took a job in Berlin for €500 a month at a place that did design and video, I loved it. I made a super 8 film starring myself as a clown and screened it in Bremen. Sitting there hearing the audience gasp, laugh and clap I had this revelation about being a film director. I mean my dvd collection was already massive so I should have known.

So I quit architecture, it made my mum sad. And I dedicated myself to making films. I entered competitions, I made films for free, I took course after course and then I took a job in New Delhi teaching kids in slums how to make films. They told their stories about child marriage, alcoholism and bullying and screened them to their parents. That’s when I realised that films can change the world.

Since then I’ve worked with big brands, charities and musicians. I’ve won awards, competitions and even a coffee machine. My short film ‘Emigrant’ won ‘best free fall’ for emerging talent at the Limelight film awards and screened at the Oxford Human Rights Film Festival. Another short ‘Everyday Struggles’ screened at Bafta as part of Nespresso Talents. My feature film script ‘It’s a riot’ about the 2011 London riots was selected to be developed with the Screen Arts Institute at the BFI.

I’ve directed two seasons of a web series called #Reality which opened the BFI’s Future film festival in 2017 and has screened in the NFT1 (That’s the big one on the Southbank) as well as festivals worldwide. I directed LGBT series 'Flatshare' in 2019 and my next short is called Death by Water Pistol, it’s epic.

I make films, that’ll make you laugh, cry and dance in your seat.