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A day spent listening to good music is always my most productive day and has such a huge effect on my mood. It would be a dream to draw that energy from a great track and use the creative spark to make beautiful imagery that adds to the mood and feeling of the track.

My name is Joseph McDonald born not too far from Manchester, music was a huge part of my upbringing, I played guitar in several bands, piano and DJed at a local nightclub while studying a film degree. I decided to hang up the strings, keys and decks to focus all my energy on the camera instead. Since founding a successful commercial production company, Red Pencil Productions, I have always felt drawn back to music and have freelanced on several music videos for big names over the last few years including JP Cooper, Sigala and Hailee Steinfeld, Passanger and Frisco. These were some of the best experiences of my career to date.