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United Kingdom

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Giovanni Martins is a Dutch Photographer and Director, he graduated from the London College of Fashion (MA Fashion Photography) in 2011.

Giovanni is known for his innovative approach to Fashion photography, he dreams up conceptual & high-end original shoots which continually blend the existential line between fantasy and reality and has been implementing his style of photography also into his videography.

In addition to his editorial work, Giovanni has lensed major advertising campaigns and Lookbooks for brands including, Mawi Jewelry, Fila UK, Tony Cohen, Rita Hazan and Supperclub, and has seen his work published internationally in major outlets including Vogue, Wonderland, Grazia, Adon and many more.

Gio's unique surrealist fashion film 'Manifesto 3D' was world's first 360 degree fashion film using Bullet Time animation and has landed him a spot in the prestigious Futuremap '11 exhibition.