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United Kingdom

Description 2


I have extensive experience with photography and their various post production software; computer literate, comfortable working in both PC and Mac environment.

I am able to initiate projects and see those projects through to the finishing stage; finding solutions to any problems and I can motivate both myself and others to work toward the completion of those projects.


• Good communicator – both written and orally.

• Able to work within a team and also on my own.

• Problem-solving – both technical and interpersonal issues.

• Organisation – experience in organising all types of projects.

• Time management – I can work toward an agreed deadline.

• Motivated – as personally motivating myself, I also inspire others too.

• Adaptability – all projects are different and I have to adapt to their needs.

• Critical thinking – a lot of my experience involves creative thinking.

Technical knowledge

• Camera experience includes HD camcorders (Canon XF100) and DSLR cameras (Nikon D7100 and D850). Comfortable with video projects and photographic assignments.

• Various microphones (including radio microphones)

• Experience of working within a studio environment and on locations.

Editing Experience

• Final Cut X/Premier Pro

• Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One