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Hello, I'm David Pearl

Born in Armenia and grew up in Israel and now live in Berlin. Music and beauty lover.

I am a graphic designer with the love and understanding of print but also web (hey it's 2018!) and strong believer in concept and a strong design idea.

I am also a Photographer and a quite good singer in the shower.

Self Employed Graphic Designer specialising in print & adaptations for web with solid experience in Branding & Creative Direction.

Since 2014 I have been working as a self employed graphic designer and visual artist including art direction, photography, video director and curator in various fields and industries, working with clients on project specific design solutions, and/or advising and building design plans according to the client's needs.

• Marketing material design, specializing in album covers and posters for music, nightlife and other events.

• Design work and art direction for major Israeli musicians: Ania Bukstein, Sivan Talmor, Michal Geva, Roni Alter and more.

• Photographing musicians and products.

• Curator in various exhibitions.

• Director of several music videos (Lola Marsh, Sivan Talmor, Roni Alter).

• Entrepreneur of design projects.