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United Kingdom

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Award winning, London based Film + Commercials Director and Photographer with a versatile storytelling style. I work quickly in challenging environments employing strategy, story and style across diverse projects like commercial, brand, music, comedy, corporate and animation.

I've worked with with brands, artists, production companies or agencies on scripted to interview led projects, for the likes of Center Parcs, Sudocrem, Barbican, Hyundai, Hamptons, Sainsbury’s, MTV and EY.

In 2021, I wrote and directed short film PANDEMIC SPY about how spies coped during the Pandemic lockdown. Nominated for best comedy film at the BAFTA qualifying Carmarthen Bay Film Festival, it was officially selected at 21 international film festivals, winning 7 best comedy film awards and is featured on short film website Omeleto racking up 7K views in the first 24 hours.

Other works include "Elephant in the Womb", "Picturebook Romance" and my music videos for Cornershop, Maroon Town and Punkture Sluts have been screened at BAFTA qualifying London Short Film Festival and Aesthetica Film Festival.

I completed a course in Virtual Production 101 from the Mars Academy, giving me a basic grounding in VP working with immersive LED screens on digital sets; and am interested in exploring narrative drama/comedy projects in commercial, tv and film with a series of shorts in development.

With playful takes on technology, arts, culture, history, parody set pieces, finding the light in between the darkness and finding any excuse to reference Bruce Springsteen, commission me wherever the story is.